Phases of the project

SISMA will search the most appropriate mechanisms to mobilize private resources through Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to finance deep renovation of public buildings requiring investments with longer paybacks.

The project will give support to local authorities to face the administrative and regulatory obstacles, helping the enforcement of the European Directive of energy efficiency of buildings (2010/31/EU).

SISMA envisages the organization of a one-day training scheme for civil servants per country to inform on innovative financial mechanisms for energy deep renovation of public building.

Phases of the project:

  1. Compilation of good practices on existing financing schemes for implementing energy efficiency measures in buildings.
  2. Analysis of case studies and evaluation of stakeholders requirements and market obstacles.
  3. Development of new models and instruments of innovative financial mechanisms for the energy retrofitting in public buildings to facilitate and standardize their adoption.
  4. Training activities: organization of workshops and development of training materials addressed to decision makers.
  5. Implementation of a common strategy to facilitate and accelerate the use of the models.