Our goals

The overall objective of SISMA project is to outline innovative and sustainable public-private financing schemes to finance long-term payback energy efficiency investments in public buildings in order to foster the energy refurbishment of the public building stock.

New and different methods are required, especially for those interventions with great energy saving potential but also with a long payback.

SISMA expected outputs are: 

  1. Designing of innovative financing models which make feasible the energy refurbishment of public buildings, including guidance, procedures, tenders, evaluation criteria and contracts to facilitate the work of civil servants who are going to use them.
  2. Increase the knowledge of Local Public Authorities on innovative financing models to improve the energy performance of public buildings.
  3. Increase the adoption of this innovative financing models to finance local energy efficiency plans.
  4. Increase the rate of energy renovation of public buildings and reduce their energy consumption.

A better knowledge on financing models and the availability of documents ready-to-use will facilitate the dissemination al local level but it will also constitute a significant potential for replication at transnational level, with especial focus in the MED area.

The whole supporting material will be available in the library free of charge and in English language.