Why & How

Viable and sustainable innovative financing schemes for energy investment in energy retrofit of public buildings with long term payback are necessary in order to abridge the barriers that hinder the business which is traditionally characterized by this situation:

  • ESCOs are usually focused on improving the energy efficiency of the building equipment, which give quick results. However, improvements on the building shell are crucial in order to increase the energy efficiency in the long term.
  • Public Administrations keep on using ERDF in the “traditional way”, without taking fully advantage of the leverage factor to mobilize private financing through innovative contracts as EPC, since in the past this approach has been unsuccessful for energy investments with long term payback.

SISMA aims at developing innovative financing schemes that leverage European Structural Funds (and other public funds available to the regional or local administrations) and private financial resources to finance investment projects that lead to significant energy retrofit of public buildings. In particular the innovative schemes will aim at mobilizing private resources through ESCOs to finance investments with longer paybacks (max 10 years) in energy retrofit of public buildings.