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SISMA International Partnership, led by Informest, an Italian public agency for territorial development and international economic cooperation, is formed by 8 institutions with a large experience in energy efficiency in buildings.

Informest (Italy)

INFORMEST is a public agency for territorial development and international economic cooperation created by the Italian Law n.19/91 to help local economy to exploit the new opportunities of the soon-to-be-enlarged Europe.

Informest founding members were the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Region of Veneto and the national Institute of Foreign Commerce, while Informest actual shareholders are the two Regions, the municipality and chamber of commerce of Gorizia, the regional chamber of commerce and the health company.

Its headquarters are set in Gorizia, a city of about 35.000 inhabitants just on the border between Italy and Slovenia.




Lia Gover

e-mail: lia.gover@informest.it

phone: +39 0481 597420

Golea (Slovenia)

The institute “Goriṧka local energy agency – Golea” has been founded as a result of a successful application to a call for proposals within the EU programme “Intelligent Energy Europe” in June 2006. It covers the 13 municipalities of Goriṧka statistic region and other Primorska regions.

The headquarter of GOLEA is located within the building of Primorska Technology Park in Vrtojba. It’s position is strategic as it is located close to the Slovenian-Italian border.

Agency GOLEA strives to speed up the continuous upgrading of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources introduction with the aim of achieving energy self-reliance of regions.

The main activities of the agency are: energy management in municipalities, feasibility studies for energy projects, energy auditing, energy project management, RES and EE awareness raising.




Suzana Vidmar

e-mail: suzana.vidmar.kovsca@golea.si

phone: 03

86 (0)5 393 24 60

Florence Energy Agency LTD (Italy)

Florence Energy Agency is a Limited Company founded in October 2000 under the EU SAVE II Programme with the aim of being the energy management agency in all Florence Province.

In 2005 the Agency became a public body; the Province of Florence owns the major part of the social quotes and other local authorities are partners of the agency (Scandicci municipality, Sesto Fiorentino municipality and the Mugello Mountain Community).

The mission of the company is to operate as a complete “local energy manager” by means of programmes and actions aimed at: energy demand side management improving, promotion of rational use of energy, renewable energy sources exploitation and improvement; dissemination of products and technologies for environment safeguard and conservation; developing new methods for energy audits and training of technical specialised personnel; improving the efficiency of the local energy requirements and the mobility.

The agency collaborates with the University of Florence (engineering and architecture departments) and University of Siena (department of chemistry) for data elaboration and implementations regarding energetic issues and Renewable Energies, study and information exchange among scientific institutions.




Tiziano Bucciardini

e-mail: bucciardini@firenzenergia.it

phone: 0039 055 219641

Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving - CRES (Greece)

CRES is the Greek national centre for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Energy Saving (ES). It is a public entity, supervised by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. Its main goal is the promotion of RES/RUE/ES applications at a national and international level, as well as the support of related activities taking into consideration the environmental impacts, on energy supply and use. CRES has a scientific staff of more than 120 highly experienced and specialised scientists, and engineers.




Elpida Polychroni

e-mail: epoli@remove-this.cres.gr

phone: 0030 210 6603258

CEA Cadarache (France)

CEA is a major research institute in France with a staff over 16 000 people and with a broad field of expertise in all energy related aspects. Within CEA, a department is dedicated to solar energy and energy efficiency in buildings. The main activities of CEA are:

·         Technological research: advanced modelling and new concepts,

·         Applied research: assistance to innovation for material, processes, products; assistance to products development, technology transfer,

·         Systems design: simulation tools, climatic analyses, monitoring on real sites.

·         Characterization, tests: assistance on products, tests program,

·         Training on solar systems, standards development,

·         Demonstrations: validation at the end user level in real environment for specific application of a product or a system.




Nicolas Auriac

e-mail: Nicolas.auriac@cea.fr

phone: 0442452075 // 0686008054

Agenzia per l'energia del Friuli Venezia Giulia (APE FVG) (Italy)

APE FVG is an energy management agency that works to promote energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources; it provides independent advice to public and private subjects developing sustainable energy investment initiatives. The area of action is Friuli Venezia Giulia region, in the Northeast of Italy.

Established in 2006 by local public bodies, today APE FVG counts 65 members, mainly Municipalities, and is a non profit organization, legally recognized, and a Public Equivalent Body, with a permanent staff of 12 people with scientific and technical background.




Matteo Mazzolini

e-mail: matteo.mazzolini@ape.fvg.it

phone: 0039 0432 980322

Agency for Economic Development of City of Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Agency for Economic Development of City of Prijedor „PREDA-PD“ was established in 2003, within the implementation of local Strategy of entrepreneurship development and support to SMEs.

Activities of PREDA-PD are project based, funded by local authorities and development programs and projects of EU programs, EU pre-accession instruments and other international organization. With more than 10 years of experience in local and regional economic development activities, PREDA-PD has managed to obtain exceptional references and valuable experience.

PREDA’s philosophy of integral development of the community is based on three aspects:

- Economic development,

- Social development,

- Environmental protection and energy efficiency.

PREDA has a team of 17 professionals, specialized in Economics, Management, Law and Informatics. PREDA’s headquarters are located in the Business Centre in Prijedor.




Boris Srdić

e-mail: boris.srdic@preda.rs.ba


Consorci de la Ribera (Spain)

Consorci de la Ribera is a public entity which represents 47 municipalities of La Ribera region in the province of Valencia (eastern Spain). We work to contribute to the sustainable development of our region by means of promoting RES and RUE. Our main objective is to encourage the municipalities in our remit to adopt a sustainable economic and environmental growth model based on two main axis: the exemplary role of local authorities and the promotion of sustainable actions in the local private sector.




Plàcid Madramany

e-mail: placid@aer-ribera.com

phone: +34962424641